Talk to your ‘Sounding Board’ and find your way through to success

Have you ever encountered one of these scenarios?

  • You have been promoted but do not have clear objectives
  • You have been given free rein in a senior leadership role but feel ‘imposter syndrome’ kicking in
  • You know you get results but have lost your way
  • You have ideas to improve the business but no-one is listening
  • You need to work out what your next career move should be

Gaining access to mentoring and guidance is key to achieving goals and professional ambitions. My ‘Sounding Board‘ offer grew out of people turning to me as a source of confidential and professional advice. When faced with career decisions, they need a conversation – or series of conversations – with someone outside their immediate circle who can bring a fresh perspective.

Whatever the issue, it helps to talk. And it is great to find that you are not alone with your problem.

If you would like to discuss how I could help with a short-term issue or longer-term positioning and personal brand, contact me on

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